Monday, May 18, 2015


1) PK

Must watch. Watch how people manipulate religion for personal benefits. 

2) haji backpacker

Im not sure bout this. But yunan is a beautiful place! 

3) theory of everything

Based on true story of stephen hawking's life. His ex wife is something. He is hmmmm a man. Different system wtf.

4) the pretty one

Twin who steals her twin identity after her twin died. Just when u think someone' life is better.

5) drinking buddies

Dont get too close to a broken hearted woman.  

6) architecture 101

First love.

7) trip to italy

Places are all very mesmerizing!

And a few of diva plus hbo movies. Cant remember the titles.

Duduk rumah is not that bad huh? kinda adjusting well. Most of the time, i just cant wait for my father speedy recovery so that i have my weekends back. 

Hp is broken. So my life at the moment is with my ipad. I dont feel like changing to new one yet. 

I want to be normal. Normal life. Normal relationship. Normal career. Normal everything. Somehow, i know im not. 

The only love i feel at the moment is the love for animals. If only i can keep a dog. Must be so cute then, i can name him digby or her bella. 

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