Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Love at first flood

It was a beautiful movie. The cinematography walla. The fact it was filmed during the actual flood make it more realistic. It was funny at the beginning and quite sad at the ending. Hero is hilarious. I like how the relationship bloomed. It was something like eventually it happened. Im running out of words. Ok bye. 

Monday, May 18, 2015


1) PK

Must watch. Watch how people manipulate religion for personal benefits. 

2) haji backpacker

Im not sure bout this. But yunan is a beautiful place! 

3) theory of everything

Based on true story of stephen hawking's life. His ex wife is something. He is hmmmm a man. Different system wtf.

4) the pretty one

Twin who steals her twin identity after her twin died. Just when u think someone' life is better.

5) drinking buddies

Dont get too close to a broken hearted woman.  

6) architecture 101

First love.

7) trip to italy

Places are all very mesmerizing!

And a few of diva plus hbo movies. Cant remember the titles.

Duduk rumah is not that bad huh? kinda adjusting well. Most of the time, i just cant wait for my father speedy recovery so that i have my weekends back. 

Hp is broken. So my life at the moment is with my ipad. I dont feel like changing to new one yet. 

I want to be normal. Normal life. Normal relationship. Normal career. Normal everything. Somehow, i know im not. 

The only love i feel at the moment is the love for animals. If only i can keep a dog. Must be so cute then, i can name him digby or her bella. 

Friday, May 8, 2015


Have you ever feel so lost, empty. like half of your mind or body just disappeared? well, i. am. very. much. lonely. right. now. i don't know. i am bored as hell when i have a lot of chores to do. my mind is else where. i want to say something or do something but i chicken out. worst come to worst. i have no one to talk to. or no one seems to understand what i am going through. THANK GOD THERE IS A BLOG. 

i felt so helpless that i have one submission to do but i can seems to have any ideas to write. (finish reading the other party's submission) for god sake, can we move to another chapter please. seriously, i have had enough with jurat. (insert crying face) oh god, i want to puke just thinking about it. It is like you are still not over your ex. like, come on dude! move on!

my friends did tried to understand me but i guess they have the wrong idea, or it was me putting the wrong idea. honestly, i don't know how to describe what this emptiness means?! it suck obviously.

i just want to feel at ease, do crap talk, not being judged and feel comfort. stuck at home suck. i don't know since when i have changed, but i think i no longer a home person. still love home though. but stay inside the house for a long period of time? i need time to adjust. i mean, i used to love home so much that stay at home not able to see sun for days is nothing. yeah, that was how  lazy i am much i love home.

here to many days of stay-at-home-dont-go-anymwhere.back to the days where mak had to chase me out of the house so that i go out and see the sun. back to 17 years old self who loves home so much that basically living like a caveman.

okies. submission is waiting in line patiently. need to entertain. 

doodles. xoxo.

Monday, May 4, 2015


This bittersweet feeling. How to make it go away?

I must be insane to feel what i am feeling right now. 

It is way too late. 

Too late to realize. Too late to notice. Too late to even say it.

I lost my moment. My time has gone without i realizing it. 

Time is not waiting for me. 

I feel very much lonely right now. 

Duh. Life is funny.