Thursday, October 1, 2009


kadang-kadang saya rasa, saya tak patut ada kat sini.
i dont feel the sense of belonging.
tapi dah lambat. kena terus jugak.
tapi saya patut jadi apa ek?

mungkin theory big bang yang rumit telah mengkorupkan otak.
100% otak kami penuh dengan mereka

sangat gila sampai jawab test land humming lagu scream.
i dont know how to stop this madness.
maybe i can prevent myself.
but, the rest of them?
rose is soooo damn gila-meroyan-tengok-top-nangis.(dia gila dengar lagu top yang psycho)
fizan sedang hafal gara-gara go!
wawa seperti biasa tak habis youtube.

i make a conclusion with wawa.
all the fan are ..of course girls.
the problem is, the fanatic fans.....all the typical lady-lady yang nerd rambut fridge yang pelik. dan ..................
me+wawa: "kami hanya minat biasa-biasa saja. kami bukan peminat freak. dan kami juga vogue."

start study untuk test esok!
cha, ^_*

Monday, May 4, 2009

real fantasy

what I'm up now?

so much into nana!

it's a manga story.

and i LOVE it so so so so SO muCH!

cant described it.

i love the attitude.

the passion.

the clothes.

the hair.


not to forget. songs. lovely.

i first started to read the story in kreko if im not mistaken. when i was form 5. just read one chapter. and hardly fall in love. but it just stop there because i have no sources nor friends who know about it! (it's hard to believe)

then when i was in kuantan, i got the life action version. played by mika nakashima and aoi miyazaki. they were completely resemblence like character in the manga. kool! it also just stop there as im prefer to listen to the songs.

then, during the study week last month, when im at home, i watched nana the movie again. then,came back to shah alam. google. found nana the movie 2. cant help myself. go for anime. still not satisfied. now it's time for manga. still reading.

i just lurve the way the story goes on! it's kool!

me=current condition.

trapped in nana's world.