Monday, September 28, 2015

letter to datema

hi babe.

life is treating me fine. going places here and there. surrounded with people i like and love. still, i never forget you datema. no matter how much fun we had, it would never be the same without you. miss your laugh, your non-stop talking, your jokes, everything. you know, i have this one song which is my favorite at the moment. could have been me by the struts. the band is kind of ridiculous. but u know me, i love weird stuffs. this song reminds me that i need to do everything crossed and stayed in my mind. since you gone, it kind of hit me that i have to just do it anything i want. don't wait. i learned that. it's been a year plus since you passed away and the last time i cried in the open court. not cool at all. i know. i never thought someone close to me will leave me. not by any disease. i was wrong. we are all His servants and He is in control of our lives. there are days that i miss you so much that i went through all our facebook conversations and stupid comments. thank God for facebook. something that i am afraid of is that i will forget about you. i am afraid that i will forget all the memories that we had together. what we done, song we sang together. our travel plan. all that. we plan a lot but Allah knows best. i still remember you calling me benchmark. haha. true babe. if you are still here, i probably will fill in the forms together with you. haila fatema, i have lost interest in any korean dorama. what is fun without discussing and commenting the story with you? no fun at all. no meroyan buddy. our political scenario also getting weird and funny everyday. i miss your funny and outspoken comments. currency is dropping and our ringgit really become picisan babe. what a sad situation for us. 

second paragraph because the first one is too long to read later. haha. i never thought i will miss you this much babe. never thought u could leave me such a big impact. ok then, i have work actually. but i think writing a letter to you is more important. talking about priority. ahaha. bye babe. love you.