Monday, November 28, 2011


come as you are. come as awesome.

feel like im abandoned my blog. life is treating me well. staying late at firm is nothing. rogol session with cyc is nothing. ;p (yeah, we'll see about that later)

after all, i do believe life is an roller coaster ride. fun and scared at the same time. time in taking chances.

i need to go back for works. but before that, i just want to highlight this so cool movie. i really feel this movie is awesome. i dont understand why it get so many bad reviews.

why u so comel rasa menyampah nak lempang laju2??

p/s: azree gonna laugh at me if i said this movie is good. but, then it's a prove im not hati kering and im a human! ;p ah, irish man, where are you?!