Tuesday, February 18, 2014

slightly crazy day

i'm a home person. i love staying at home more than go shopping. i love shopping, but if you ask me to choose between sleep or shop. i choose sleep. oh by the way, there are only two things i really enjoy doing in my life. eating and sleeping. -`- such a doom. 

yesterday was monday and as random as i always is; i did a movie marathon. i'm satisfied with my movies choices, gave me happy feeling as i drove back home.

the journey 2014

1st movie

it's a local Chinese movie. my second time watching chinese movie in cinema, it was good, really. funny one and full of values. Culture is love. 

Lego movie 2014
2nd movie

It can be a 10% turn off if you dont like cartoon. i can see that in wawa's face when the movie started. for the record, i'm also quite shocked when the characters were really Lego. i mean, i cant be real right? what a joke is this? but it was fun and hilarious. the easy and double meaning jokes. btw, everything is awesome! lol.

thanks to wawas for teman-ing my crazy night out. i considered it crazy as im not a kaki wayang. a marathon? nevah. anyway, i did it! haha.

till then. xoxo.

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