Saturday, May 25, 2013

mid-year syndrome

dah tengah bulan baru nak ada azzam tahun 2013. haha. whateve, better late than never.

so, my resolution for 2013;

1) whitewater rafting
bungy jumping

2) saving
less shopping perhaps? stay sane and behave while in the malls or browsing on net.

3) football
well, let's say im trying la.

4) hiking
for a start or for worse maybe the last; my aim is Bukit Pelindung.

5) Pulau Perhentian   (Friend's weddings)
because i love my friends so much im gonna put this one on hold. quite a number of best friends gonna get married this year. have to save cuti for them)

6) this one is very personal
(wrote in planner)

7) Al-Quran
at least one time a day

need discipline and determination pills for number 2, 3, 7. need good bargain deals for 1, 6. need time and company for 4, 5.

and last weekend i did a lot of things. i kinda lazy to type what i did as it already happened and i'm looking forward to what i'm going to do next. but, one thing i learned was;

beauty is pain, no pain no gain.
beauty knows no pain.

it's hard to maintain what you have, while you have, better take care of it because you'll never know when you will lose it.

uh, ok. let's work it out!

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