Friday, November 6, 2015


Rough day so here i am. Writing blogging the stress away. Theres so much on my plate right now. I cant seems to know which one is more important and which one is urgent as everything seems fairly urgently need attention. And i make mistake. A real effed up mistake i feel like stabbing a pillow. Ok fine. No joke. Seriously. But then, as writing this, that mistake not that really big as earth big. But still. Arghh im so effed up. Someone really close to me seems to take me down. I dont know. I just feel like that. Maybe the intention is good but why you so, i mean sooo sigh. Cant find the word. This uneasy feeling i hate the most. Feeling everything does not work for me.everything against me and feeling soo low. Someone ask me how im dealing with stress and she was like no wonder i am so positive as i need positivity to combat these negativity. True is. I failed today. This very day i feel things out of my control im so screwed up i want my mom. Ice cream. Beach. Anything that make me feel better

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